Dear readers , 
Have you ever felt like you’re a stranger in your own life ? that this is not the life you hoped for ? things are only getting tougher ?
You always feel like you don’t belong  here ? You want things to change so badly that you stopped caring for everything and everyone else ?
Then i’m afraid that i have to tell you that this is nonsense .
if you believe in allah subahan w taala ,  his mercy and compassion towards his people ,  you’ll realise that your life is meant to be this way , you’re supposed to have this life , those friends etc .. everything is meant to be in this life   , it’s Mektoub .
You can’t run away from your destiny , you only have to accept  it , deal with it and just be happy because life isn’t worth it , the time you spent on   crying and wishing for impossible things to happen , you can just LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO .
pop up some colors to your life , do whatever it takes to make it cheerful and full of joy and most importantly never give up , neglect all those haters , their only job is to make your life seem pointless and hopless which it’s not !
if allah subahana wa taala  created you , do you think it’s for no praticular reason ? Did allah created us just to see us sad? I don’t think so !
this is why we have a brain to think and a heart to feel , because with our will we can make things look a thousand times better , beause it’s up to us to change ourselves , to kill our routine , to have the perfect life although we all know that nothing is perfect !
As you read this , think about every laugh you’ve missed , every  tear dropped on your cute cheeks , every moment of sadness ? is it worth it ? You’re young , you need to live .

خليو ديمة  أكا ضحكة لبنينة على وجوهكم .. متخلي حد ينسيك  راك تستحق بش تكون فرحان ، تستحق بش تعيش .. سامح وانسى .. أعمل جو ، غني وأشطح ، صح وعيط ، أقرا وإكتب ..البس كما تحب  مش كما ناس تحب تراك .. اتحرر .. أخرج من قوقعتك وتعلم عيش .. متخلي حد يقولك راك متنجمش .. عيش قد متنجم وأفرح قد متنجم ، أضحك ..  ماتعرفش على دنيا ..
im not  lecturing  guys  , im just sharing some of my happy thoughts !
بوسة ليكم لكل


By: Amel Bedhyefi 







Helllow sunshines , moons .. whoever reading this .. 
Faith  is what is  holding us to this messy life . We all know that life is full of troubles , useless fake friends ,  , mean/rude people etc .. but somehow we manage to live here , we somehow can’t stop loving it .. even when it’s all messed up ,even  when you feel low and down , there is always this little window of hope thanks to faith .. faith in yourself  faith in allah .. that tomorrow is going to be a lot better than today ..
 Faith is what keeping us all together , is what making us closer to allah suhan wa taala .. we have faith in his forgiveness , mercy , his big compassion towards his people , waking everyday knowing that you’re not alone in this big messy world , you will always have allah by your side . Whatever you did wrong , how bad and huge your mistakes are , you always believe  that  allah is raheem and that by declaring your tawba , it will all go away !
Faith is the key of your lives , faith is what making us stronger when dealing with our problems .. faith is what is giving us a charge full of positive vibes to keep on moving and to never let go our dreams ! 
“The first person you have the privilege to love today is yourself. So begin by speaking life over your identity. See yourself as God does, in His image and likeness. Encourage yourself in faith and live in abandon to what He says about you, not what you think.”
you should never let go people , if you have allah by your side , why do you need other people’s encouragement ? why do  you refuse to achieve your dreams just because you have no one around to support you while you have Allah ? .. have faith in yourself , believe in your potentials .. you can do whatever you want to do :) 
Be faithful to  small things because it is in them that your strength lies  because your greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do :)
keep on smiling , keep on loving each other , because you never know when it’s time .. life is too damn short ..
xo <3

By: Amal Bedhyefi 




Most Common Questions Hijabis Get Asked by Abir Mars




As a Hijabi, I get asked several questions per day. When I first wore Hijab, questions used to be kind of acceptable, but then they started to get weirder and weirder .. and weirder. I mean how can a normal person with a normal mind ask a veiled girl: ” Do you sleep with your veil on? ” .. Really! Not to mention the ” Do you shower with it ” kind of Qs. Here I am today, writing this article to answer all the normal and bizarre questions once for all. With the help of some veiled friends, we manage to select some of the most asked Qs that people amazed us with. 


– How did you decide to wear Hijab?

For me, it took me almost two years to finally say: ” You know what, I’m wearing it! ” It is not something you suddenly decide to do. It is a big decision and a life changing one; one should not take it for granted. Some girls seek in it tranquility; others just wear it because they look good in it. These persons exist and we all know that, but please do not judge all veiled women for the mistakes and the misbehaviour of a minority. 


– What did you feel when you first wore it?

Honestly, it felt good. I left somehow safe and protected. I knew it was the right thing to do. 


– Don’t you get bored wearing it? 

Why would I? That veil determines our identity and religious background. No, we do not get bored. we get weak sometimes; it is totally normal. This is a huge commitment and everyone gets fed up of commitment sometimes. Yet, we look at it from a different perspective; our veil is our protector, our symbol of freedom and not oppression, our mirror to the world. 


– Do you wear it at home? 

If I will take the question seriously, I would say only in cases there is a guy at home who is not ” mehrem ” . Learn more about mehrems through this link:


– Are you convinced?

I have been asked this question several times. What do people want me to answer: ” No I’m not convinced, please help to get out of this! ” One should not wear Hijab if she’s not totally convinced. You are not convinced just do not wear it and please do not go here and there telling that you are not convinced before doing deep researches about it. I am sure that once you learn the exceptions Allah granted women with in Islam, you will be fully convinced. 


– Did your parents force you to wear it?

No .. -_- ( I wish I can make this facial expression in real life; it says it all ).


– Do you wear it for a guy or to get married?

Now let’s be clear; first, not every veiled girl is dying to get married. Second, if a guy is going to like me as I am, let it be and this will actually make me glad. At least I’m sure he likes for my personality and not for any physical traits. 


– You are beautiful without it, why do you wear it then?

God made us beautiful but this beauty is not for everyone to watch and admire though. You’ve got to be among the special list huh! 


– When are you taking it off?

I am not. Thanks for asking! 


– Even though you’re veiled, you do listen to rock and put polish nails on, how come?

Even though you’re a human being, you are mindless. How come? Seriously, do some more researches before asking Qs. Do not just burst out stupidity revealing your low level of religious education. 


– Do you pray?

I do not know why people tend to ask this Qs to veiled women more than the non-veiled ones. Prayer is an obligation for all persons.


– Don’t you feel hot wearing all these clothes in summer?

Let me tell you a secret; people who expose their skin directly to the sun get hotter because actually my skin is covered so that makes it less burning. See? You just got punk’d! 


Now let the show begin.


– How does your hair look like?

Umm it is red in the back, blue in the front, with some flowers and plants here and there. An answer as stupid as the Q though, do not blame me!


– Is it because you have bad hair quality that you are wearing veil? 

People sound wise and smart while saying that and expect me to say: ” Oh god, how did you find out? ” I mean that’s what they want to hear. One tiny advice: do not ask this question to any veiled girl, you may not know what answer she may chock you with and for your information, girls do not wear veil because they have bad hair quality; they opt for natural masks and hair products instead.


– Do you brush your hair every morning? 

Do you? .. DO YOU?


– When people see your hair, they are like ” Oh so you have hair? I really thought you’re bald. ” 

Should I laugh because it is funny or cry because I really had no idea that people can be this stupid sometimes! It kind of depresses me sometimes.


– Can you breath?

No, actually I’m a ghost; I don’t breath.


– Can you hear me?

No but I read lips. ( Seriously? )


– Do you shower with your veil on?

People, I was not born with my veil on! I can take it off sometimes, you know! 


– Do you go to the sea? What do you wear?

Yes, we do. We have a normal life and we’re not deprived of any fun. We wear a special uniform called Burkini. Google it! 


We are normal human beings; we make mistakes, we break down, we stand up, we fight for what we love and care for whom we love, we hate to be looked upon as different and we’re not, in any way, considering ourselves superior. So please, do us a favor, think twice before asking a question.


If you have been asked one of these Qs, leave your feedback to share your experience. 

Des lecteurs et leurs avis – Recommendation

Books recommended by Emna Rihani: 


Every book I read left a mark on me. However, there are some books that had such a powerful impact on me: ” The 5 People You Meet In Heaven ” by Mitch Albom, ” The spellman Files ” by Lisa Lutz and ” The School For The Dangerous Girls ” by Eliot Schrefer ♡ I highly recommend them all.






Des lecteurs et leurs avis – بينما ينام العالم



L’avis de Sirine El Kasser: 

All books I read effect me somehow, but I’ll mention the book that hit my mind while reading this .. Its name is ” بينما ينام العالم ” and there is an English version entitled ” Mornings In Jenin ” . A novel written by a Palestinian girl in which she talks about every little detail of her life starting from when she was very young until the war began and she had to live as a refugee and got married etc .. It added a lot to me. I cried a lot. I had to stay awake late at night in front of the pc and read the book two or three times .. It made me aware of the Palestinian case and wanting to do something about it, and if in the near future I would do anything to encourage people about the case, all credits will go to this book.




Des lecteurs et leurs avis – قواعد العشق الاربعون



L’avis de Rahma Dhieb:

أول حاجة الكتاب هذا يحكي على الصوفية و الدراويش اللي هي حاجة مكنتش نعرف شنو المعنى متاعها و التاريخ متاعها و زيد يحكي على برشا مشاكل اجتماعية و دينية موجودين في المجتمع ( العربي ” الاسلامي” ) أما اللي يقراه لازموا يكون يعرف ينقد خاطر ملازموش ياخذ اللي فيه الكل على اساس انو صحيح مائة بالمائة. الكتاب هذا موش بدل فيا أما أكثر كتاب حسيتوا مس من الجوانب متاع الدنيا هاذي الكل .. كتاب ثري .. و بالطبيعة كل حد عندو طريقة تأويل و تفكير خاصة به و مختلفة على الاخر .. هذا رأي المختصر :)

Des lecteurs et leurs avis – To Kill A Mocking Bird



L’avis d’Ameni Halioui: 

To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee. This is the best novel I have ever read. It can really change you in one way or another and make you a better person. It teaches you how to accept other people’s differences. It teaches you not to judge other people until you understand them and “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb in his skin and walk around in it”. It’s all about learning tolerance and forgiveness. P.S: you will fall in love with Atticus, a man 4 all seasons ♡